“We are extremely grateful to Mission Outreach and its contributing hospitals for donations of medical equipment and supplies. These items, which might otherwise have been discarded, are treasures to our recipients. Believe me when I say that through your efforts you are bringing hope to many throughout the world.”

~ Paul C. Brown, Director, U.S. Navy’s Project Handclasp

Over 530 hospitals, clinics, churches, aid organizations, doctors, nurses, and volunteers distribute medical supplies provided by Mission Outreach across the globe. These individuals and organizations are also some of the first to respond when a country has been affected by a natural disaster or other calamity. The devotion to their work encourages us to continue our mission of providing quality medical supplies and equipment to our Healing Partners.

We are pleased to spotlight the following Healing Partners

Operation International

Operation International is a not-for-profit humanitarian organization made up of multiple chapters that include over 200 medical professionals across USA, UK and Hong Kong. Mission Outreach has partnered with Operation International on several chapters and provided medical supplies and biomedical equipment since 2015. Through our ongoing partnership with Operation International we have shipped multiple containers of medical supplies and equipment and impacted lives of thousands of people in Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Bolivia and Chile. 

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Mission Outreach partnered with EqualMed, a non-profit charity based in Georgia, USA in 2017 to support the mission of strengthening healthcare infrastructure in Fiji. EqualMed donates medical supplies and equipment to the Ministry of Health and Diabetes Fiji. In 2020 and 2021, Mission Outreach shipped containers filled with PPE for COVID-19 crisis in Fiji. 

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Helmer Scientific

Helmer Scientific based in Noblesville, IN – design and manufacture medical laboratory equipment for customers in over 125 countries. Through “Chill the World” program, Helmer donate laboratory equipment to Mission Outreach through which we are able to equip hospitals, clinics and blood banks in low-resource countries and improve the laboratory standards and healthcare delivery. 

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