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Mission Outreach Container Application Process

Note: A container is either 40 ft. or 20 ft. and contains pallets of boxes or equipment. 

  1. Request an application by emailing Sue McMillan or downloading it here.

  2. The organization returns the completed application to Sue McMillan within 30 days.

  3. Mission Outreach processes the application.

  4. Once the application is approved, an agency reference number and password will be assigned to allow access to our on-line inventory.  A conference call will be scheduled to discuss the timeline for completion. The port of entry will be determined and a shipping quote will be obtained.

  5. A shipping and handling invoice is generated and sent to the organization.

  6. The shipping and handling Invoice is paid by the organization.

  7. Final contents are confirmed by Mission Outreach and the organization.

  8. Container of requested medical supplies and equipment departs from Mission Outreach.

Hand Carry – Process for Personal Delivery of Supplies

  1. An application and recipient agreement will be sent to the requesting organization that needs to be completed and returned to Sue McMillan.

  2. Mission Outreach processes the application.

  3. Once processed, Mission Outreach will assign an agency reference number and password to access the on-line inventory to select items for the order.

  4. A minimum of 30 days is required prior to the need by date for pickup or delivery of orders to allow for selecting and preparing the order. 

  5. When the order is complete, a packing list will be sent for final approval and a shipping and handling fee quote can be provided.

  6. An Invoice will be generated for the shipping and handling fees.