Our Mission

Inspired by Christ and St. Francis of Assisi, Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach cares for
people in need through recovery and world-wide distribution of life-saving medical supplies and equipment.

NOTE:  We are unable to accept community donated medical supplies and/or equipment at this time. We are continuing to accept donations from our Midwest hospital partners and want to thank them for their continued and valued support.

Equipped for COVID in Southeast Nigeria

"Equipped for COVID" in Southeastern Nigeria is a multi-phase campaign to raise funds necessary to donate medical supplies and equipment to six Catholic hospitals located in Enugu, Imo and Abia. These states are home to 12.2 million people. Click the image above and let us WORK TOGETHER for our friends in Nigeria.

Help fund the next 40 foot container that leaves Mission Outreach to
head out into the world and deliver healthcare aid to low-resource countries in need of basic medical
supplies. Click the container and fund health--TODAY!

During this season of giving, Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach is launching "Gratitude Gives", an outreach series exploring the benefits of gratitude and our deep appreciation for our partners around the world. A commitment to live in
gratitude provides perspective, opening our eyes to what is important. As you
reflect on the gratitude in your own lives, consider the gratitude others may have
for your support of our mission. You can support us here and give someone else
the gift of gratefulness.

Experienced global health workers are keenly aware of the reward of long-term consistent investment to build health care capacity in low-resource countries. Capacity building requires people to be AWARE, CONNECTED, COMMITTED, TRUSTING AND TRUSTWORTHY. If you can help us build the capacity for health in the lives served by our mission, click an image below and join us as we give gratitude for our capacity to give the gift of health.

It is winter...let's be gratefulGratitude Page 2

nurse listening to child's lungs

Since our founding in 2002, Mission Outreach has:

  • Improved healthcare quality and saved lives in more than 95 low-resource countries around the world.

  • Provided doctors, nurses, medical staff, volunteers and family caregivers with the tools necessary to provide healing, hope, and joy to people who live in areas where poverty and disease are rampant.

  • Equipped 530 medical mission organizations with medical supplies and equipment.

  • Saved and redistributed 10 million pounds of surplus medical equipment and supplies valued at over $85 million that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

  • Made a difference because of the support of countless people throughout the world.

We address the serious unmet medical needs of people in low resource communities around the world by collecting, repairing, packaging and distributing medical supplies and equipment to hospitals and clinics around the world. While our work may sound like simple redistribution of medical things, it is so much more than that. We make a difference.

baby laying on a bed holding someone's hand
lady holding a baby
mission team accepting a donation