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Glossary of Terms
to help define the terms in our applications.

CONTAINER APPLICATION:  see the automated application on the right. This is a 10 page application that is primarily used to order 40 FT shipping containers. Please only start this application when time permits.

In the event you have difficulty using this automated application, please contact Sue McMillan.

New ButtonHOSPITAL PARTNER EMPLOYEE APPLICATION: If you are an employee at one of the 80 hospitals that partner with Mission Outreach and want to order medical supplies to be hand-carried or shipped, please click here

If you want to confirm that your employer is a facility that partners with Mission Outreach, you can visit our partner page here.

HAND CARRY APPLICATION: this is an application used by individuals going on mission trips BUT ARE NOT affiliated with a U. S. hospital facility that partners with Mission Outreach. Please click here for this application.

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